What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Bell have always aimed to provide cutting-edge orthodontic treatment by keeping up with the latest orthodontic research and implementing the most advanced technology in their practice.  As a result, they were invited by Ormco, a leading orthodontic supply company and the manufacturer of Damon braces, to take part in their Insiders group.

As Insiders members, Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Bell are asked to join a select group of orthodontists from around the country to hear about the latest research and development initiatives the company is working on.  At these twice yearly meetings, the Ormco R&D team listens to our doctors' insights and opinions to improve product development in the future.  Mitchell, Bartlett & Bell Orthodontics has also participated in clinical trials of new products to help advance the art and science of orthodontics. Some examples of the advanced technology we use are: Insignia customized Damon braces, Invisalign, temporary skeletal anchorage devices, and the i-CAT® FLX digital scan machine. This machine ensures low radiation, quick and precise processing, and stellar 3D images in order to deliver nothing short of amazing treatments to our patients. 

Just as importantly, Dr. Mitchell, Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Bell have strong foundations in the more traditional orthodontic treatment techniques that are tried and true.  This combination of embracing new technology and trusting what we know works gives us the perspective we need to provide truly customized orthodontic care.  There is no "one size fits all" treatment approach in our office!