AcceleDent® Review

Actual patient of Mitchell & Bartlett Orthodontics

"I started off visiting orthodontists for a 'quick aesthetic fix' for my smile. Due to my crossbite, it wouldn't take long to realize there was no such quick fix. The consensus treatment was about a year and a half in b races. Sadly, I knew all too well what that meant. This was not going to be my first go- round with braces. I remember them all too vividly. Getting new wires put in with those tight bands on each bracket, leaving there with pain and two Tylenol as a parting gift... "Next! " I was extremely hesitant to go through that whole process again. It's not unheard of in the medical profession to come across some arrogance, and I did. However, w ith Dr. Bartlett it was quite the contrary. He seemed relaxed and easy going, but really kn ew his stuff. He gave me options, showed me treatment photos similar to my situation, spoke candidly and didn't pressure me into one way of doing things.

I soon came to learn the whole Bartlett team operates with this easy -going professionalism that is quite comforting and reassuring. For someone who considers himself naturally shy, it was contagious. I would leave each appointment, not just free of pain, like from the older braces, but feeling good, energetic and dare I say, outgoing.

Little did I know; Dr. Bartlett was also ahead in terms of technology. Prior to the braces, his team took a 3D map of my teeth using something called Insignia. With my bite now in digital form he could prescribe the absolute best game-plan for my teeth each step of the way. Everything precise, no wasted movement.

He also introduced me to AcceleDent. I didn't know it at the time, but 20 minutes use each day of AcceleDent would help trim an estimated year and a half of treatment to just 10 months!

So it turns out I had been putting off braces the better part of a decade only to land at the perfect time and place to get them. I can honestly say choosing Mitchell & Bartlett Orthodontics is one of the best decisions I've made. I am so thankful to Dr. Bartlett and his wonderful team for the great smile that will be with me the rest of my life!"

- Brad S.

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